36,524 days
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36,524 Days

Celebrating the 36,524 days

In one week, I will embark on a 700 mile journey through the great state of Texas. My family and I have rented an RV to travel from Houston to El Paso for my grandmother’s 100th birthday!  My grandmother was born in Mexico in 1915 and came to the United States when she was just a toddler.

By modest estimates, 159 lives on this earth can be traced back to her. She has lived a seemingly unremarkable life by many standards, yet she remains the most remarkable woman I have known.  I don’t really know how to pay homage to her.  I mean wrap your head around this…she has lived for a century…A CENTURY!!!

I am nervous and excited about this trip home.  My 20 year-old daughter will be taking a week off from her studies at A&M University and my son,17, and step-daughter, 7, will be on the road with us as well.  Unlike the straight 13-hour haul we generally make, we will be taking our time.  Stops at a cattle ranch, Hueco Tanks and natural caverns are all on the agenda.

16,320 Days

It is said that the years fly by, but the days drag on.  I guess it’s true. At the time of this writing I am 16,350 days old. Maybe it’s not too late to live more deliberately. I see this trip as an opportunity for me to really consider the mark that I will leave while I am here on this Earth; to really stop and take it all in. Make these days matter.

My hope is that my family will join me in my quest, but I’ll be honest, my fear is that it will resemble a National Lampoon’s Griswold Family Vacation instead of the perfectly laid out Zen meets Tony Robinson’s Epic Family Vacation I have envisioned.  Still, I press on.  I honor my grandmother with my unfailing optimism.

How many days old are you?

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Incidentally, we will be taking our family photos in the beautifully painted Texas desert.  Our theme is “Steampunkish”  so we will hopefully have some nice shots to share when we return. Until then, I must get crack-a-lackin’ on the costumes and trip planning.




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