Dollar General Crafternoon
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Dollar General Crafternoon

Hello there!

I’ve been busy crafting and just couldn’t wait to post this!  My college bestie, Chris, was in from Colorado last week.  He, Jim, and I got bored….like we do…and decided a challenge was in order.

During last years visit, we had a Project Funway Challenge which involved a $20 budget, Good Will (don’t judge), and an outfit refashion.  We had to walk a runway and wear what we made out to a local lounge.  It was a great time.

Soooo, we decided that we would try a different kind of challenge this time. We have since moved to our fabulous remote country home, so supplies were limited.   The nearest store happens to be a Dollar General, so we agreed on a $10 budget and 10 minutes to select our crafting materials.

This is what I chose:

Dollar General Crafts
DG Ellie’s Supplies


Chris was kind enough to buy a bottle of wine with his funds, so he was already at a disadvantage. Jim was under budget and let me have .50, since I was over.  We all agreed there would be no penalty – because wine.

Okay with that out-of-the-way, let’s get on with the crafts!

I was going for an Easter wreath, but I was under pressure and realized that i wouldn’t have enough flowers to make a wreath once I got home.  We were allowed to use materials on hand, so I raided the craft cottage to find some paint, brushes, ribbon, moss and old candle stands.

I used a couple of blue paints to paint the foam eggs. (don’t use spray paint on foam!) I dabbed my brush into some watered down brown paint and splattered a bit of paint on the eggs for spots.

I put the moss into the glass and put that on top of the candle stand.  Borrowed some of Chris’ twine and called that craft done!  BTW, I got the moss and the paints at Dollar General on a different trip.

Dollar general crafts

Mercury Glass is quite the rage.  I bought the best, hear me, THE BEST chrome spray paint at the Dollar General a few weeks ago.  I used it along with a spray bottle of vinegar to make this:Dollat General Craft

It’s tricky to see in this image, but the glass in the back has mottling from the vinegar. It looks aged and kinda cool.  The crazy watering thingy was actually Chris’, but he had wine,  SO… I got to craft with it 😉


I put the lilies in a $1 pitcher I bought from a garage sale on my way to the Dollar General (true story). They’re a little  kitschy, but I bought them, so I used them.  Forgive me, but I think most Spring decorations are kitschy.


Well, there you have it!.  I haven’t used the wire wreath form, so I will be posting on that soon!

Any suggestions?  I’d love to hear from you!


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