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Good night My Sasha….

It is with a very heavy heart that I write regarding the death of our beloved Sasha.

You may remember her when she first arrived as a pup.  Eager to get the lay of the land and get to patrolling.  She was fearless and had a bark that would rattle the windows to alert of us of danger.  She managed to rid us of every predator in the short time that she was here.

She was killed by an unscrupulous neighbor on Saturday while we were clearing some brush from our land just feet from where she was.

We heard the ringing of the first shot and Jim whistled for her.  She always responded to his whistle.  We heard her yelping and whimpering..then a second shot, followed by silence.   We ran through the brush to find her, but by the time my son arrived where she was.  The killer was already dragging her lifeless body behind his Kubota.

I hate that he had to witness that.  He loved that puppy and she loved him.  The wound is left open.  We have no body to bury and no proof that he shot her, except the deafening rings of gunfire that ring as loudly in our memory as they did that day. My son unfortunately has more to remember as he describes her limp body hitting every bump on the way to her final resting place.

So, we are left with a void in our hearts and our livestock back in real danger.  The irony is we left the city to get away from this type of cruel and shameful behavior.  Accepting that we have neighbors capable of such atrocities makes this even harder to deal with.  I hope that karma returns to him what he deserves and I hope it comes quickly.

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