[ Chickens ]

Life and loss on the homestead…


chickens up to no goodWell, I didn’t expect that I would be writing about another loss so soon after Sasha, but we lost our laying hen, Cosmos, yesterday.  Cosmos was one of the original hens that we bought back when we were living in the suburbs of Houston.  She was our loudest and most prolific layer. She would skreech at me when she had laid her daily egg and wouldn’t stop until I gathered it. That was a pretty nice feature to have in a hen.

Although she was very bossy,  she was a loyal companion to our mascot, Scout.  They were always together and they seemed to have a nice arrangement.

Seeing him roost alone last night was pretty depressing.

The red hens that we got back in October are almost at laying age, but they seem to think they are guinea hens.  They were raised together and now roost in trees and completely ignore Scout.

I collected the last egg Cosmos lay yesterday and we are going to incubate and see what happens. I may pull the last weeks worth just to increase our odds.

As for farm security…I am going to pick up a new Livestock Guardian to replace our dear Sasha.

Jim and I have been busy building fences to keep coyotes out and keep dogs from wandering near neighbors fences and getting shot.

That’s all I have for now.  Pictures of pups to come.