Meet our Family

We are the Tillmans!

Jim and Ellie

Jim and Ellie


This is Bailey.  She is our milk doe…kinda.  She has been unlucky in love, but we are still looking for a suitable suitor!  Who could resist such a great looker?

UPDATE: On 2/9/17, Bailey and Wesley became the proud parents of 3 bouncing bucklings!



This is Buddy.  The family jester and best bud.  A friendly wether and plain good guy.  You can tell he has a bit of a wild side.




Wesley hammock time!This is Wesley, our newest addition and future Herd Sire. He is a Calico Nigerian cutie with beautiful blue eyes.








Layla- Head of Security

rp_layla-and-bialey-300x203.jpgLayla is the oldest furry member of the family.  She is a rescue and simply the nicest dog you’ll ever meet.  Unless you are an intruder or breaking any security rules.




Who can resist this face?  Sasha is an Anatolian Shepherd who will soon take over Layla’s security detail.  She is bred to protect the herd and is already displaying some pretty amazing instincts.

Update:  Sasha was a wonderful puppy who was unfortunately shot and killed by a neighbor.  We are heartbroken and will miss her.


Formerly known as Omelette

Formerly known as Omelette





Scout is easily a family favorite.  He roams around the place and makes sure that everything is in order.  He dutifully watches over his hens and keeps them in  line.



And  our chickens….  We recently had to say goodbye to Henrietta and Nugget.  They were greatly loved and are missed.

Chickens add so much to our farm.  There is nothing nicer than to look out and see them pecking around.  If you’ve never seem a chicken run, you are really missing out!


We just got a new bunch of Red hens and a couple Guinea hens you can see a video here.

Goose and Maverick Puppies!!!

Goose and Maverick Puppies!!!

Goose and Maverick BIG Puppies!

Goose and Maverick
BIG Puppies!










Meet Maverick and Goose. These two were purchased to replace our sweet Sasha.  They are slower to respond to predators (we currently have a red fox terrorizing our chickens), but we are confident that they will be every bit as effective when they are full size.

Our newest addition-The Fleece Fleet:

Our Girls: Litttle Jewel, Jubilee, Juneau, Quibble and Delta Dawn

and the Boys: Pancho and Lefty!