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A few years ago I came across a couple of books by author Barbara Sher  She has a nice way of saying what you are thinking, but are too embarrassed to admit out loud.  She was quite the departure from  ” The Secret” movement hitting strides at that time.

She admits she has a lousy attitude most times and, truly, I was glad to hear that my lousy attitude was OK to have now and again.  The pressure from ” The Secret” was heavy and burdensome. So many were now afraid to “think” themselves to death…literally.

Now, I can’t say that no good came from Rhonda’s encouragement to master our lives with happy thoughts.  (oversimplified) She really brought to light the idea that we are not at the mercy of some force outside of ourselves who either sheds grace and blessings on you, or rains fire and brimstone down on your ass.  For this I am grateful.

I was recently divorced and had fallen out of favor with most of my God-fearing friends. Imagine that. I was really trying to keep my life together and the weight of the disappointment and abandonment I felt from friends made me a ripe candidate for this line of thinking.  I could do it. I could be stronger. I could take responsibility. I could make it happen.  Empowering stuff really.

I set out to make a few “wishes”.  I concentrated on them to such a degree that I could really feel it.  I landed an amazing job.  I met a nice man.  I was cruising around in a Jaguar until I didn’t want it anymore and a company car was a better option.  Life was pretty good. Still, I couldn’t hold back my negative attitude.  My boss was terrible, the man I dated moved away, and I was struggling to keep a happy thought.  Damn it.  I lost it all. Getting was easy for me…keeping was another story.

Fortunately I had saved enough money to take a little Sabbatical.  I would dream about building my own business (I’d be guaranteed to have an awesome boss) and find love.  Simple, Right?  Yes…kinda.

During this time, I made a list of the ideal man.  I knew he was out there and, without boring you with the details, the right man said my name and I was smitten.  It turned out we lived two blocks from each other and he was  is the man of my dreams.

He shared my ideas about Positive Thinking and never made me feel ridiculous or Polly Anna-ish.  (I told you he was perfect).  We married a year later.

Okay, if you are still with me you must be waiting to hear the HOW.  HOW did I do it?  Right?  I will be starting a Wednesday wishing well here with all of the details.  For now, start with this youtube video.

(BTW, this is NOT an affiliate link.  I have emailed Ms. Sher once and she responded, but I offer it up only because it works).


Good, you are back.

I read Wish Craft for the first time and began to follow instructions.  I started a group at a Community of Religious Science where I attended.  People came and we encouraged each other.   I used many different texts and ideas and some of the attendees shared their strengths and knowledge, but the real meat was always this book, Wish Craft.

Not sure how you feel about this?  The author provides a free PDF article to whet your appetite for tasty morsels of empowering goodness.  Go, check it out.  I know you want to. Come back here and leave a comment.  Then join me on Wednesdays to do a little wishing together.

Wishing well,