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Tillmanator – Box Cardercycle 1000

Introducing: The Tillmanator Box Cardercycle 1000!

Jim has completed the redesign of my box carder.  I have been asking for this contraption since we joked about how awesome it would be.  I should have known better than to joke and pose what I’d known he’d take as a challenge [wink, wink].  This is exactly the reason he and I are made for each other! My inspiration plus his perspiration equals Awesome!

Awesome Upcycle.  Full Instructions. www.sweetdeviation.com

There are those of you who will not know what this contraption is used for (roughly 99.9% of you) and then there are the small handful of you who wished you could take it for a spin, or better still, make one for yourself.  If you fall into the latter category, I am pleased to share that Jim has uploaded a pretty great tutorial here.

Awesome Upcycle.  Full Instructions. www.sweetdeviation.com

Jim is taking it for a spin and all appears to working perfectly.  I was able to clean some pretty dirty Angora (note to self: never use pine dust in hutch again.) with very little effort. I had really considered throwing the wool out because it was too tedious a job to hand pick and clean.  A few runs in the carder and sawdust was flying everywhere!  Now my wool is ready for felting.

Awesome Upcycle.  Full Instructions. www.sweetdeviation.com
Tillmanator Box Cardercycle 1000

Awesome Upcycle.  Full Instructions. www.sweetdeviation.com


Awesome Upcycle.  Full Instructions. www.sweetdeviation.com
DIY Drum Carder

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  1. Hi,I was wondering if you know of any UK or European cmeaorciml sources for Angora fibre. I have been told that it is only really Chinese sources on the world market that is a feasible option. Is this true? I am a designer trying to source natural and sustainable UK luxury fibres.Hope to hear from you,Many Thanks

    1. Hello there Vanusa! I don’t know of any large scale suppliers of angora. I have angora bunnies and harvest my own for spinning. Good luck to you on your search. How wonderfully exciting to create your own designs!

    1. It definitely gets the job done! It makes me consider adding sheep to our little farm just to have more wool to card. A girl needs her exercise, right?

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