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Well, Hot damn!

This is almost too much to describe here.  After losing Sasha and all of my laying hens, my computer decided to make an ungraceful exit.  Just died. In the middle of something I am sure was wonderfully written and insightful.  (I’ve completely forgotten what I was writing about though).

Soooo, after a week with the geeks at Best Buy…..We are back!

Because this is not a ‘How to organize your life so you never lose important pictures and data” type blog, I have lost all of my pictures and all of my saved posts and most important data.  (a moment of a silence would be appropriate, I think.)

Thank you.

I was smart enough to keep my passwords written in a very safe place.  So safe, in fact, that I haven’t found them.  I spent a few frustrating attempts at resetting passwords and trying to contact support and am finally rebuilding. Thank the good Lord I didn’t reach the point of frustration where my computer might have mysteriously “relapsed”.

I guess the best part of starting over is you have to start over.  NO crap in your way.  (Seriously, there are only two tiny, itty bitty,  little icons on my desktop!)

I have lots to do and will begin with a catch up post on the Wishing Wednesday series.  The whole premise of being in control and managing thoughts is what has helped me to stay focused on what is working instead of what is clearly not. Despite the shitty situations, so much good keeps showing up for me as evidence that the universe is still conspiring for my good.

Glad to be back. Please let me know if you are still with me by leaving a comment or better still, let me know how you protect your important data from loss.



  1. So sorry to hear of your computer problem! I work on computers and build most of the ones that I use with the exception of the little Acer Netbook I purchased way back three or four years ago that runs Windows 7 Home Premium. How do I save my data? I usually have two separate hard drives in my PC’s. One for the Operating System to live on and one for all of my Data and Photos. It is not that hard to do. But, it is pretty imperative that you make backups of your Data and Photos on a regular basis onto either CDs or DVDs. DVDs probably being the better choice nowadays. You can also use thumb-drives but they can get misplaced SO easy that I do not recommend them. I hope things get better for you computer-wise. I found your blog via the Gourd Yarn Bowl story that popped up somewhere else that I clicked on. I hope your garden is a winner this year!

    1. Thank you for your suggestions, Richard. I agree with the thumb drives problem. I have several that I have lost. I will buy a pack of DVDs dedicated to my photos. It really set me back to lose all of my work and the only recent family pictures I have are the ones that I uploaded to Facebook. The quality is lower, buy atleast I have them.
      As for the dual operating system… I heard this could be done on a mac but I didn’t know that works on PCs. I will have to look into this option. Thanks again. Oh and by the way, I spent most of the time that I didn’t have my computer working in the garden. I expanded it and built a rustic fence using old trees and vines (I hope it’s enough to keep the puppies out). I also planted the seeds I collected from the Gourd project.

      1. Ellienoir,

        I didn’t mean a dual Operating System on one PC – although that is do-able – rather, just two hard disk drives in the PC. One for the “normal” Operating System and a separate one for all of your Data and Photos to stay on in case you had a problem with the Operating System hard drive. Instead of saving your Data and Photos on the Operating System hard drive, you would assign a folder or folders on the second hard drive for all of your Data (Documents, Recipes, etc.) and your Photos and Videos. That way, if Windows crapped out on the Operating System hard drive, you would still be able to access your Data and Photos another way. It is still imperative to make back-ups of your Data and Photos too though. Great news that you took time to work in your garden while your computer was down!

        1. Oh, well, that is a real relief! I was afraid I was going to have to take a dive down the steep learning curve of dual operating systems! Trust me I struggle enough just trying to change a font here and there…But making back ups is just smart and easy. Thanks for your wonderful suggestions and encouragement.

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