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Wishing Wednesday (week 3)

Hello Again!  This is week three of the Wishing Wednesday series.  Last week, I wrote about simple things we can do to get to the truth about what makes us happy.  It may seem obvious, but I think we can spend far too much of our time doing what we think will make OTHERS happy.  Society’s expectations of what constitutes success can be very limiting.  Especially if you, like me, are more of a Jack (or Jane) of all trades, Master of none.

Barbara Sher dedicates an entire book to the subject of scanners.  In her book, Refuse to Choose, she describes a person whose interests are so vast that they appear like honey bees going from flower to flower.  The wonderful thing about this description is that you wouldn’t consider the bee a failure because it lost interest in the first 30 flowers.  What matters is that the bee made honey.

The same is true for many of us today.  Society wants us to stick to that one flower (career) and get all the goods and maybe after 30 years, if you work hard enough, you will have a reasonable savings and be considered a success.  That is not for me.

I have varied interests and goals and I know that I can have a taste of all of them and still get my just rewards. So, with that out of the way, you can give yourself permission to suck the sweet nectar from all of your dreams.  No shame.  Now let’s make some honey!

First let’s look at the differences between dreams, wishes and goals..

Let’s say I dream of being in better shape.  I dream of looking better in my clothes and losing the last 15 pounds I gained mysteriously.  I may dream about how great it would feel if I could wear a bikini on the beach or dream about how I may be healthier and live a longer life.  Fine. This dream is good. It makes me feel excited and motivated.  These dreams are things that I feel and think. 

I make goals to work out more and eat less.  I can measure this progress and can set a time frame for accomplishing these goals. The goal is SMART:  It is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-senstive. These goals are things that I do.

But a wish….well, a wish is the evocation of the dream.  It brings to your conscious mind the depth of your deepest self and you call upon the greatest power to bring these things to you. In the book The Alchemist (Paulo Coelho, 1988) the protagonist is told  “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”.  What if this were true?What if the Universe is conspiring for your good?  Wouldn’t it be best to make this wish known? I wish that I were more fit and could fit into my clothes better and were healthier. These wishes invoke the universe.

Now the dream of getting in better shape is not the height of my wishcrafting.  I use this example because it easily illustrates the greater point to be made here.  When we awaken Source Energy (or whatever you’d like to call it) we elicit a response which will show up in the most unexpected places.  In this example, we might learn from a friend that she is moving and has a home gym she would like to gift you.  Or we might get a message from a neighbor who would like an accountability partner for daily work outs.  A nearby CSA may offer you free locally grown organic food for volunteering..a work out and healthier food choices.  You see how this works?  We only have to look for signs and act on them.

At the end of last week, I told you that I would write about the drawing I made in 2013.  It was an exercise in wishing. I let myself get lost in the dream of what I wanted.  The others in my class were astonished that I would want to have goats!  They couldn’t believe my wish.  The attendees in my class were educated and motivated individuals. Among them, a chiropractor, an engineer, a legal secretary…and I wanted goats.  We all got a good laugh about it and they moved on to help me believe and wish for it.  It was a wonderful time.

I learned two important lessons.  First,  I learned not to let others shape my deepest desires. No shame.  I would be healthier and happier living my life farming on acreage in the country and milking my goats!  It FELT right and my emotional GPS was steering me to my wonderful life on 5 Acres. The second thing I learned was to be SPECIFIC….I wished to be a Farmer and within a month I was working for Farmers Insurance!  Every day I answered the phone at the office with, “we are Farmers, how can I help you?” An acquaintance called with the job offer and I had to laugh at the Universal humor.  I took the job because at the time I was looking for some way to supplement my income and this part time job was perfect.  Even that was a step to getting what I wanted.

So now it is your turn.  Take some time to draw out your dream.  Don’t worry about setting goals yet, this will come soon.  For now, dream and make your wish.  Be specific as you draw it all out.  Invoke the Universe to conspire for your good. Ask for what you want and be specific then start looking for the answers to your request.  Remember last weeks discussion about   reticular activation? We are built for this 😉

I will know it with you!


Wish Alchemist

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