[ Wishing Well ]

Wishing Well (week 6)

Oh, hey there…I am back! It’s been super busy on the ol’ farm (we’re gonna call it a farm now, okay?)  Yeah so, I’ve been super busy researching all kinds of really important things.

I have read all about CSS or was it RSS? No matter. I decided it didn’t apply.  I’ve seen several youtube videos…  I started by watching a short refresher on soapmaking and 2 hours later knew more about giraffe mating than is necessary. I’ve planted several packets of seeds in garden, and let’s not forget the boat loads of candy I’ve been crushing….whooo, it’s exhausting.

All this “hard work” has prompted me to consider what I am avoiding. As it turns out, I was avoiding writing this very post.  I considered that laziness may be a culprit here, but I quickly dismissed that idea. Working in the garden is really hard work.  Okay, playing candy crush is kinda lazy, but I justify it because it is keeping this aging mind active. Puzzles are really good for you 😉 Go dendrites!!

So, after a good and thorough check, I found this:

There are things that we HAVE to do and WANT to do. Like planting the seeds in the garden. Yay!

There are things we HAVE to do, but DON’T WANT to do. Like getting my car registration straightened out in our new county. Blehh!

and then there are the the THINGS we DO to AVOID the THINGS we should be DOING!!! These are the things that we DON’T HAVE to Do, but really WANT to.


Wishing Well Priority Chart J

  People commonly create meaningless tasks to avoid doing what needs to be done.


So, a simple way to push passed your procrastination, you crafty busy body, is to use a graph like the one above to determine what steps must be taken to get you to your goal. If you have done the work of the previous weeks, you should have a pretty clear idea what needs to be done.

First step is easy.  Do the things you and want and need to do. Check!

Step 2 requires a little more creativity.  I will set a timer for 20- 30 minutes and get one thing off of the “Stuff that needs to be done, but I don’t want to do” column. It is best to break big tasks down into littler tasks that can be done in shorter periods of time.

As a reward, I can set aside time to do something off the time stealing column of “Want to do, Don’t have to do”.  Hello Candy Crush!

Lastly, there are the things that we neither WANT to do and DON’T HAVE to do.  These are the easiest to handle if we can get organized and prioritize. Let go of any nagging judgment.  If it doesn’t further your goal and you don’t want to do it…Don’t!  Don’t waste a minute going to a meeting that doesn’t interest you, or commit to lunch with an old co-worker who bitches and nags about her job…it’s the reason you left that place remember?

Follow these steps and see just how much you can get done by putting your energy in the areas that matter most.


I came upon this Bill of Rights note I made years ago.  It applies here so I decided to add it.

Bill of Rights
Do the Right thing
Do it for the Right reason
Do it with the Right people
Do it at the Right time
Do it in the Right order
Do it with the Right intensity