[ Wishing Well ]

Wishing Well (week 7)

Hello there Wish Masters!

I am alive and well despite the terrible weather and resulting flooding that has hit the ol’ homestead.  Jim and I woke to the sound of sirens and drips in the Ely room (we already had a pending roof claim from previous damage).  He and I raced outside to get a gauge on the situation.  It didn’t take us long to see that we were going to be in for a long night.

We bailed and shoveled and eventually ended up with a nice trench leading the overflow toward the creek.  Ironically, we had been talking about doing this for months.  There was no doubt that it had to be done, but the conditions were always a deciding factor:  Too hot, too cold, too humid, ground too hard, etc.

Funny what a little fear will make you do.  It was more fun in the rain, I guess.  Just at the moment that I was feeling pretty victorious (as I noticed that none of my usual pains were present) Jim screamed out, “Keep shoveling, Lagertha!”

It was a real Viking moment!  I felt the pride in protecting our home and the determination to make it work! Nothing like mother nature to put a little pep in my procrastinating step!

So, nice story, but what does it have to do with Wish crafting?

Well, upon some reflection, I realized that even those things that look like disasters can work toward our GOOD.  Rather than be defeated we can choose to look fear in the eyes and do something about it.

Today, we are in a far better situation than we were last week.  The much needed trench is in place and we are in a perfect place to finish the job of putting in french drains and raising the flowerbeds. Thank you torrential helper from the sky.

It serves as a reminder to look at today’s problems thru the “Where is the GOOD in this?” lens.

So here are another problem to try this out on:

“Investor” decided not to back The LMTC.

We have had to postpone work on the commercial site because we have had little luck finding a building that would be reasonably priced to put on the slab. A couple weeks ago, I was giddy at the prospect of having a building delivered there.  We found the right building and the mover would clear the pad and level it for a very reasonable price.  We had the contract in hand but felt we should not be impulsive.  We decided instead to call a friend who had on several occasions made the offer to help out when we decided on a plan for the property. After a week of waiting on a reply, we learned that he will not be able to help us.  This seemed like a huge set back, but if wish crafting has taught me anything it is that sometimes set backs are just a way to pave the way for something better!

The GOOD here is that we may be forced to apply for the VA loan that my dear husband has sacrificed much for.  We will not have someone telling us what WE are going to do and we may be able to extend the loan from 2 years to a longer term.  Even here the rains have been in a huge blessing because the seller of the building cannot move it anywhere until the area dries up a bit.  This buys us time.

So I will leave you with this tip:

When wishing for anything always ask for “This or something better”.  We may be in a better position in a few months than we ever imagined.

Do you have some wish that needs to be looked at more closely?  Is there a reason it isn’t coming like you have hoped?  Where is the GOOD in it?  I’d love to hear from you!

Here’s knowing better is coming 🙂