Prepare for the Alpaca: Lips!!!

Alpacas…at long last! My dream of having alpacas is finally coming to fruition.  I used to teach a class we called Barnbuilders.  The idea was that we would share our Continue Reading →

Accidental Garden


Well it begins with leaving most of your seed collection outside on a rainy day. Step two involves leaving said seed collection for a couple more days in warm weather.

By day 3 you have an array of baby sprouts. This was not all what I intended to Continue Reading →

Ely, MN Inspired home decor- The ultimate staycation!

Ely room

Since the Big Move, we have been surprisingly busy doing things around the house.  One of the fun challenges was creating a nice place to relax after long days of mowing Continue Reading →

Moving to a bigger piece of Texas!

New Front yard

Things have not gone as smoothly as I had hoped with this move. We are still on track to get a 5 acre parcel of Texas heaven, but it appears there will be another week delay. Buying and selling a home has been classified as one the great stresses of adult life….now I know why. I have moved many times before, but my past moves have involved new construction homes in established subdivisions. The two things I want most to get away from. Continue Reading →

10 Moving Mistakes and How to Avoid them

moving mistakes

Check out local supermarkets for boxes, they generally throw them out on a regular basis and they can tell you exactly when to stop by. I especially like boxes from a liquor store. They have nice compartments that are perfect for moving fragile items. Another inexpensive suggestion is the moving wrap I used for my books. I also purchased some plastic tubs knowing that I could get use of them for storage at the new house. Continue Reading →