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Steampunk inspired corset and fascinator.

Steampunk corset and fascinatorGrommets and Lace

My first attempt at making a Steampunk corset turned out as nicely as I could’ve expected since I used only materials I had on hand.

The fabric was from an old bolt of leftover lining from my purse making days.  I have grommets that came with an old sewing kit I found at an estate sale.   The ribbon and lace were left over from who-knows-what-craft.  It was pretty old.  I thought it needed a little stability but didn’t have any boning material on hand so I cut up some old mini blinds that were in the garage.  I patterned it using an old vest that fit well.

Cardboard and Cogs

The next part of the look was created after I saw this tutorial. I used cardboard from a Coca Cola cardboard box.  I had feathers on hand ( who doesn’t?) and trimmed it with an old button.  Not too bad.  I cut a hole in the base to slide the headband in and Voila! I had a mini top hat.

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